What do you think about the prices range?

I find that the prices range is too narrow on scrap - it would be cool if there'd be weapons that cost like 5000 scrap or 10000 or more. Buying any weapons after stage 1 or in the middle of stage 2 is no problem at all. The only slightly expensive weapon is nuke and it's also one of the most useless ones. At the same time, I cannot imagine, what would these weapons be, if the ones we have are already pretty devastating..?

What do you think?


I agree with this. It's been said before and I'll say it again - we need some way to convert scrap into research. Either that or we need a tweak to weapon costs. It's a little silly to think that a weapon that costs you 450 credits (projectile cannon) is one of the best weapons in the game when fully upgraded. Strikes me that you should continually have to pay scrap to improve weapons.

I'll agree to disagree on the Nuke though. Most weapons aren't terribly effective singly, and are very effective in groups. The Nuke is no different. One or two won't do you much good, but equip 6-8 and you'll notice a difference very quickly. You only need a single nuke out of each volley to get through to decimate your opponents. They're also excellent insurance against ambushes. Very few weapons in the game can deal as much damage as a Nuke as quickly at close range.

Many an enemy ship has jumped right on top of me and gotten reduced to floating atoms a few seconds later after greeting my nuke volley.


Heh it could be both - included the ability to buy cores and adjusted prices. It would add a nice flexibility to how you plan and conduct your matters..

As for the nuke - oh, you're right.. I just did not use any missiles at all for long time because they are useless unless you can afford a really huge arsenal. So, I think that there could be a game challenge when I switch to missiles once I can get a good setup of them.


I'm currently running the all missile's quite fun. it's definitely rough starting out. but having a volley of missiles leading the way for that nuke is so much fun to watch!

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