Disappearing shots


Currently any weapon shot, if misses and reaches its maximum range distance - simply disappears.. This does not look good next to otherwise rather smooth look of the rest of graphics.. Could it be done something about it? Even plain alpha fade would be much better... Of course, it is still very strange for missiles to disappear like that..


Hmm, thought they have alpha fading. At least I remember my brother testing out such, but they could also be so fast that it isn't really visible.

The thing is, you can always make everything better. It's an endless process with a game, unfortunately there just isn't time to make everything. We can't make everything we dream of either, we just have to try to choose the best things. Things that give the game most value of all things.

So we have to choose always what we focus on, because time is very limited and developing games is so time consuming it is insane. It's hard to understand if you haven't developed games of your own, it's just one of those things that you have to experience to understand.

Well, I'm just rambling a bit now. You are right that the projectile fade outs could be improved, I just wish we had time I guess Smile


Yeah, I understand you, Admiral! I do programming for life, mainly game development also Smile Currently I am in a situation much like yours, although a bit easier Tongue (also, standard employment, not something Steam-like). So I can only agree with you and confirm! And really wish you luck and patience in this endaevor Big Grin As for the points - I am just writing out all the potentially-constructive points that come to my mind, so that they're there. Especially that there're some bugs and oddities that I have mentioned in the Android feedback thread..

BTW, how's your experience with working with Steam? I bet it's very developer-friendly? Just wondering coz I might sometimes try to do something with it too..


Steam is alright! Their backend system is a bit messy but once you learn how to use it it's ok. Anyway, all platforms we work on are pretty much automated, so there isn't much interaction with people going on Smile

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