Battlestation: Harbinger arrives on Steam February 24th!



I have just discovered your game a month ago and have been playing a lot of it. It has been a very enjoyable experience and have shared about your game to friends who have also purchased it.

I would like to write to share my experience with another game I am currently playing, which has a good feature if can be implimented, may prove very benefitial as well for your game.

Anyway, this game is out on both Steam & Android/iOS, and their asking price is not that cheap either. $14.99 on Steam, $4.99 on iOS and Android. BUT, I have purchased it both on Steam and Android, and it's mainly because of the game's crossplatform savegame feature. I can play on the PC, the save game is synced to the cloud, and continue off on my Android when I'm out, in the toilet etc..

Thank you for your time.


p/s: I can't seem to edit my posts, would like to remove the unrelated additional text before "Greetings,"


@webuser. I fixed it.

Yes, cloud save is something we want as well. We just won't have time to implement that now for the PC launch I believe. It is something we have planned though.

Thank you for the feedback!


Thanks for the response, appreciate it!

Understand on the lack of time to implement it for the launch, was just sharing on what I found to be very cool feature that could warrant a double purchase as well, adding to your bottom line. Smile

Glad to hear that it's being planned. Looking forward to the Steam launch.

All the best!


[Image: patreon3.gif]

[Image: second.gif]

Just a little sneak peek into some new ships!


Do mobile game players not rate accreditation in the rankings of this game? I have scored over 10,000pts and am still ranked 66th.


@Rayceman. It's all mobile right now, game isn't even out on PC Smile Anyway, unfortunately the leaderboard points scored is maxed at 10 000. Was a mistake from us in the beginning and changing it requires creating a whole new one and deleting the old.


Sorry to hear about that, Geezer, However, I'm sure that Battlestation will be a huge success considering its got 3 of the best indie devs working on it, Just take it easy! Good Luck!!

P.S it's been an amazing experience so far playing Battestation!

Where would one go if the Battle-Stations fell?                                                                                                                                                                  ZazTheAdmiral


Why thank you so much @ZazTheAdmiral! Really appreciate it. We always try our best Smile


Forgive me if this is the wrong place to discuss this, but how do Kickstarter backers claim their copies of the game?

I still haven't received an e-mail with my Steam Key, and I'm not sure whom to contact.

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