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Hehe, I have always played the game in English, now I came across some video reviews in Russian and noticed the Russian translation is automatic (not very good). So I have tried playing the game in Russian and yeah, it's the funny Google Translate or something like that. For example, the "burst" upgrade is translated as "flash", "human projectile cannon" is something like "man equipped cannon", "human bolter" is "bolterman" (just like Superman Big Grin) and so on... See, I don't care, I tend to prefer English in any international affairs, but many Russians don't really speak English. So I thought I'd propose you help in doing the Russian translation if you send me the resource files with the strings if you want. Also, marketing texts, like in Google Play.. This way the game can be more welcome on Russian market.

Maybe, if there are people who speak some other language than English and Finnish, they could propose some little help too? Anyone?


Noncom we sent you mail! You are correct, we really need help with this. We have already received help with French and German translations, thanks to awesome fans. So if we can get Russian fixed as well that would be great.

Spanish is still something we could use help with, and Portugese. Send mail to [email protected] if you are willing to help!


Great! Just sent you back the files with the translation I've done.

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