Less than a week until Steam release! Help market Harbinger.



Less than a week until release now, Commanders! Adding new ships into the game right now. Below a couple of sneak peeks into new ships:

[Image: patreon3.gif]

[Image: second.gif]

We're half way there regarding our Thunderclap campaign. If you want to help market Battlestation: Harbinger at launch, and help us create more awesome games in the future you can join below:


I must say that I am extremely proud of this game, it has been a one of a kind experience to be able to create it for you. It looks, feels and plays like a great PC game!

- Admiral Geezer


Just asking.. The pc version and the mobile version will be the same right? ,the ships ,the weapons..?



I believe that initially the PC version will have slightly different functions like band boxing and a few new weapons and about 5 new ships. The mobile version will have the weapons and ships added in two weeks after the PC release. You should view the "let's play" videos on YouTube.


I know it's too late to tell my sugestion fot the game on pc ,maybe you should make it 3d ,like command and conquer but in space ,that would be a very nice game.


Maybe ,you can use my suggestion for your next game ,or not ,up to you :v


So psyched for the release! I'll try to convince my friends to buy the PC game too.

Are you considering doing another Reddit AMA soon after the release? The first one was popular, and it would be a nice follow-up considering the success of the kickstarter campaign. People are interested in the trials and tribulations of passionate indie game devs! It'd help improve the game's visibility too.


Yes! We want to do another AMA. We will try to get one going towards the end of this week, if we are allowed to my the moderators there.

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