Reading mean comments out loud from a front page Reddit post!


Releasing our game Battlestation: Harbinger on Steam tomorrow! Here's a light-hearted "Reading mean comments from a front page Reddit post" video to celebrate this event Smile Doing an AMA tomorrow again coinciding with launch, been a helluva journey so far.

Excited for launch tomorrow!


That was utterly fantastic. Keep up the great work, looking forward to the release.
Got the Android version and maxed out on it, so curious to see what the update brings.


Can't wait for the release on pc had tons of fun of the mobile version! Hope the pc version lives up to my dreams.?


I commend you on your good work battle station harbringer was one of the best games I've ever played!


Good luck for the launch tomorrow


It's happening in 10 hours!


social media gives every ass hat out there an open forum. keep doing what you do and keep the passion! good luck with the release!

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