Steam release feedback


Well done bugbyte, I've been a battle station fan since day one and since harbinger hit mobile I've played every day and have been busting for the steam release since its announcement. The new additions are very pleasing and really fill the game out alot, the odd shaped ships are neat and while powerful still need to be looked after. The missile jammer is amazing for dispersing those heavy missile/rocket salvos that would normally cut your fleet in half. The rebalance of the pdws is comfortable with lasers finally able to singularly take out the occasional rocket and the primary capital weapons like the particle cannon (aka. rail gun) and death ray still feel powerful without letting the procurement of one be a decisive game winner. I have no dislikes yet and look toward to future additions. Thankyou Bugbyte, there is no other game out there like this one and I have played many in my 30 odd years of gaming.


Thank you very much @Paladin27. We are proud of the game and quite relieved to finally have it out on PC. It has been a lot of hard work to get to this point. We need to calm down a little now, the pace has been a bit overwhelming for a longer time.

We will get the update for mobile as soon as we can though.

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