More small ships.


I greatly enjoy the two smallest ships and am wondering if others would be interested in some more small agile options.

Off the top of my head would be a small ship with much higher maneuverability than the viper but can only equip 2-4 blue support modulas instead of the one red main modual the viper carries.

A dedicated little ship fighter/missile defense, a ship that uses it's greatly superior speed to be exactly where it's needed at all times.

Help give us a red "engine" modual for bigger ships, so far I've been using teleport for my maneuverability needs.


I would like to see more fighters/drones in the future updates, i feel like the game needs to have something fill the low range (under 600 scrap) and as for a fighter defence frigate you could try a nightingale with a missile jammer, a tractor beam and bolter drones.

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