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I'm totally new to Battlestation, but snatched it up when I saw it on steam and then bought it for Android as well. Very good thus far! Great job.

Some hopes for more: I'd love to be abke to rename a ship inside of a given game. A fullscreen windowed mode or borderless windowed mode would be great for us multitaskers with multiple monitors. Mod support for the game would rock - weapons, sounds, etc. Being able to preview a ship's slots before selecting it in formation or new game and a way to improve engines or even boost would be great. The wheel interface for targeting feels odd on pc. Fantastic job! Congrats!


Thank you very much for the kind words! We will do our best here at our end. We need to regroup a little now and see where we are at with sales and such. Then make new plans!


Like IntegerMan, thanks alot for this nice game! When I read Gaming on Linux's article about it this week-end, I almost instantly bought the Steam version (as I'm a huge fan of space roguelikes/strategy games), and I really enjoyed my first (well, second, went a bit too much optimistic on the first one) run although I just finished the first mission/sector.

I also have to say that the linux port seems flawless here both on desktop (i7, 32GB RAM, GTX960, 4 screens (no problem with multihead so far) and on laptop: thinkpad x201, 8GB RAM - both are running Archlinux and the StumpWM window manager). It runs smoothly even on the thinkpad's little integrated GPU. As IntegerMan said, however, maybe being able to map keys to weapons targeting should be nice, but as I usually pause, aim and select weapons, it's not a big problem.

So, great game, thanks alot for the great Linux port, and keep up with the good work guys! I'll for sure keep an eye at your next games (as long as they support Linux Smile)! Now… well, let's start this second sector. Marauders, uh?


@lidstah. Thank you! The linux build has been a little problematic but happy to say it should work for most Smile Great to have you on board!

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