Questions, thoughts and a plea


Dear developers,

i just received my PC-copy from the Kickstarter campaign and i would like to say that i enjoy Harbinger quite a lot.
It is sad that the original game with the station as focus did not make it. I would have loved to play it because it is a fresh idea not many have taken up in the past.

I played a few sessions and i was wondering if you thought about adding a save system? Nothing fancy just one slot to fall back to if things get hairy.
I was able to destroy all 3 outposts for the mission and i even added another destroyer but i got into a firefight with 4 capital ships and the last missile took me out. So i played 60 minutes for nothing, so close to the goal.
That was really frustrating because my time to play i really limited at the moment. Is there anything i can do or are their plans to add at least one save game slot? (Or what about autosave after x jumps?)

That would be great.

Please do another Battlestation-campaign on Kickstarter as soon as you can. I think after the nice game you created here, more people might be interested in backing the Babylon 5-theme. If it comes, i will "back" again.

Thank you and please keep up the good work!

Best regards


PS: If i may make a wish: More weapons and systems! Smile



Greetings @Brakiri! Thank you very much for the feedback. Perhaps we could think about the save system, there is a reason why this game was planned this way. We wanted to have a lot of replay-value for the game. Now, when you died you didn't quite make it. You didn't play it through. So perhaps you would like to try again?

I know it is not quite liked by everyone, but some like it very much. They like it because when they do win it's so super sweet, because they did it without loading when you die.

We can surely discuss it with the team though! And we have heard your other wishes too! Smile

Regarding future games we will definitely consider the older idea with the Battlestation itself in the center of attention. We will see, whatever we decide we will definitely let you know!

Thank you for your support, it's always nice to read texts like these and keeps our spirit up.


Greetings Admiral! *salute* Wink
Believe you me, i totally understand what a rogue game is, but yesterday i played a 3 hour session and if the sessions would last only 30-45 minutes i would say: Hey, no save, part oft he game, totally fine. But if you take a little longer or e.g. use a Carrier-approach which takes longer because you have to be more careful, a sessions can easily surpass 2 hours. And that is a time investment i would like to „save“ so that i don’t loose 2 or 3 hours because i made one teeny weeny mistake.

It‘s just a wish though. But I think it would make the game more satisfying.
Other options are possible as well: Why not integrate something like a „Continue“ as in the old days? Maybe you could pay 1500 resources for a rescue or „buy“ an insurance at a space station? Integrate an escape pod etc. Stuff like that. You could integrate it into the game without creating a big savegame system and still stay within the ”game logic“ that will not break the premise of a rogue like game?
How about something like that? Smile

Best regards



I like to add something:

Have you thought about adding drive and hull/armor upgrades?
I think drive upgrades for speed, maneuverability, and both would be great.
Also, adding hull/armor-upgrades would be cool too. Both could reduce speed/maneuverabilty at varying degree.

May i ask what you already have in mind concerning adding more features?

Thanks again!

Best regards



@Brakiri. Yes we have thought about those! It's not decided yet if we will implement them, we will have to see. Regarding future updates: It depends. We have already worked 1,5 years on this now and updated it heavily, which we are really glad we did. At some point we have to move on though, for business reasons to stay alive. But then again, that means there is a new game coming Smile


I may well be the only one who feels this way, but I like that there is no save feature. It makes this game feel more unique. Beating the game is, and should be, really, really hard. Dying doesn't mean you failed. Learn from your mistakes and try again. When you do finally beat it, the lack of a save makes it that much sweeter.


Your not the only one, I like no saves in rogue-likes too. I wouldn't have felt nearly the sense of accomplishment after beating games like this one or FTL if I could've just hit save before the boss fight and keep trying when I lose.

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