WTF Is... Battlestation: Harbinger. TotalBiscuit plays Harbinger!


We did it, Commanders! Smile


Excellent news and a great achievement for you. Even I have heard of TotalBiscuit, so he must be famous Big Grin

I'll have to watch a bit of this when I get home; I'm assuming that he likes the game.


Well, it is hard to get a total like from TotalBiscuit, but he did not say it was a bad game by any means! So we're really happy with that.


Hopefully plenty of his viewers will head over to Steam and pick up copies for themselves. It certainly can't be a bad thing to get that sort of exposure to so many gamers.


It has a positive effect on sales, for sure!


I love TotalBiscuit. He's a what I'd call a "real" PC gamer. When he did his mobile gaming video I agreed with much of what he said, except for the part about Harbinger being the gem in the rough (TB didn't think it was). I was very disappointed he wasn't able to see Harbinger the same way I do. His video was actually how I found this game Smile

I think this time around he's been much more fair though. He mentions several times that the game can be a little basic at times but unfortunately failed to mention that this game keeps getting more content and more depth.

The game DID look pretty awesome being reviewed though and seems to have given it a lot of good exposure that Aksel+Bugbyte really deserve Smile


Lets just push the fact that you guys are not Ubisoft or something like it (just to name a company) and you don't have the resources to create everything TB wants but I will happily sponsor a kickstarter for an even bigger extension to this game if not a game more


Few more things, and I'm sure TB will be pleased. Tongue Base is solid, just need to build a little more upon it, and it will be perfect. You might even ask TB to give a game second look after you've improved, altho he does not take requests.
Best of luck with that, too. :p

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