Jonesso's PC review


Hey people!

ok... 2 days, all nails bitten off and a lot of crying later I finally completed the game! (on easy...)
it only took one good start with the BSE Resolution (I got a deathray in a cache and any vet knows how this ends)
Apart from that I have some feedback to present to help you guys make this already great game even better!

Things I love:

Graphics and HUD
I love how good the game looks in 1080P it's so much better than just on my phone and even if the hud takes some time to get use to I can really use the more detailed command system makes the game more strategic

Well just like on the phone the gameplay is still as interactive if not even more and the upgraded A.I. really helps since it feels more dynamic and controlled

The cloud saving system
oh god where can I start on how awesome this is! I switch between computers all day so if I want to continue my game on another pc it's just booting up the game and playing it! and that i can keep my levels makes me want to keep playing no matter what pc I'm on

Being able to buy upgrade points
I can't believe my suggestion even made it in! I might have had problems using all my upgrade points in the play through where I won but I can feel in the endless play throughs it's gonna be giving me a ridicules advantage

more than one level per game
in the mobile version you couldn't level up more than once per game and now that has changed so my goal to reach the BSE Harbinger (best ship ever!) is gonna be so much easier! now that I have my BSE Valhalla

Things I don't like:
Well... I would hate to say there is something i don't like about this lovely game but here comes

The hud is missing features
I often don't select my ships because it's not really needed with carrier fleets which is what I play the most but a keep clicking on enemy ships expecting for the target priority hud to appear but apparently you have to have one of your ships selected before you can do that so I often have to select a ship before I can ask all my fighters to focus one ship
I'm still missing being able to see the exact numbers of health my ships have including the shields so I can more easily manage when to panic jump away

Celestials are scary
it's been mentioned before that some races are more op than others but right now to be the Celestials are seriously fucking scary! I have mentioned before that I'm scared of death rays and the the giant plasma weapon but in this version they are so scary that once I somehow got past them the unknown feelt like a joke compared to them mostly because once the game dificulty reaches super weapons the Celestials are allowed to have both the death ray and the plasma weapon and they rip through shields in one hit but the unknown mostly uses Ion canons and the normal lasers so the chance they have 2-3 super weapons at once is they small

how the score is calculated
in the past few months I have been wondering how score is calculated and I recently realized the less scrap you use the more score you can have sounds good but I recently figured out the easiest way to boost your score by atlas 1000 every game
Just sell everything before you end the game! and you get a few thousands of scrap back and it just feels weird...
I have recently been thinking about another way to calculate the score because it could be changed to how much you earn in total instead of the current way since people who doesn't sell all their things at the end will always have a better score

I have already found a bunch of graphical bugs mostly just things like the engine trails bug out every now and again

I have experienced a few times that when you kill a nemesis his escape pod jumps away but it stays in the sector I don't know what could cause it but it's kinda annoying

Things I feel is missing:
no game is perfect and I really hope you guys will keep making this game better and better

Target priority
I didn't actually have the chance to suggest this but I often find things like the vulcan and the flak canon's range to be too little to be worth a hard point but if it was possible to give weapons priority and maybe even be able to tell my PD to focus missiles before fighters

Select all fighters
I know I can already select the individual squadrons of fighters but often I send then all to attack one target anyways so I would love to have a button to select all my fighters

It's rare that I chose to not buy one type only of fighters or bombers but if I actually did I would like be able to assign my own squadrons so I can select all bombers separately and all fighters separately is mentioned in my last suggestion

all ships
I love how I can use some of the new ships as allies but I see no other reason to buy anything else than the BSE Valiant I know how the others are cheaper solutions but usually when I buy a ship it's because I can't see any reason to buy all the cheap ones because they are worse I would love to be able to have the BSE Curage as 2 allies but the 2 only allies that's worth buying now for me is either the BSE Resolution and the BSE Valiant
Maybe we shouldn't be allowed to use all ships because having 3 BSE Harbinger would just cripple anyone they meet with a wall of Fighters or bombers

Repair all button
Seriously it says it self... a button that allows me to repair all my ships

now that my rant is over and I have gotten all my throughs out of my system I seriously love this game and I can't believe how awesome a job you guys did! I really hope you guys earned a giant profit from the steam release and I hope your next project will be at least just as great!

I would love to get some feedback on my opinions and if I'm just being a little harsh on this release

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