Steam version running on a windows 8 machine.

I had completed map 2 and went back to a battlestation I still had an open quest with. I arrived and completed the quest (destroy a ship). I needed more green starts for upgrades so I was trying to buy 17 green stars with ~3500 cash at the battlestation. It wouldn't let me complete the transaction. I didn't have any room in the cargo hold (I didn't think that mattered) so I had an orange package from the previous map so I decided to sell it while buying the green starts and ...

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BTW, Love the game!!! Had it on phone, bought it on Steam w/dlc and gave you guys a great review. Keep up the awesomeness!


More info. The mission was deliver a package I had 2 packages 1 from a previous map. I was able to sell the package, the game hung for a little while but then became responsive. I was then able to buy the green stars. Left over packages are evil Smile

Hope this helps.

- Glitch



Thank you for the report, will look into it! And thank you for being so awesome and supporting us Smile


Here's one I run into commonly - for missions where you have to save the battlestation under siege, you get one turn less than it says. For example, if you have four turns to save it, if you arrive on turn four, the battlestation immediately blows up (even without any enemies present) and you fail. At which point the enemy fleet jumps in Undecided

This has been a problem since the very first version, I just forgot to mention it. It is still present in extended 2 beta.


@Forty In Red: I also reported that same bug.

Bugs on Android:
1. something that continues...when refreshing missions, you may come across one that has you investigate an unvisited black hole, asteroid, etc. I had two missions, both requiring that I visit a black hole. I had one and only one black hole on the entire map. This did not satisfy either of the missions. I lost out on a lot of precious upgrade cores. I'll try and get screenshots next time this happens.

2. Repair ships sometimes fly off into the middle of nowhere, especially in asteroid fields. I believe this happens when there are no enemy ships present. I've had them fly halfway across the map before turning around to come back.

3. Repair drone priority: Something I never noticed in the past so I can neither confirm or deny if this is the case...Repair drones favor the ship they are allocated to as opposed to the ship with most damage. Is this supposed to be the targeting priority?

Loving the update so far. Some of the weapon tweaks have taken some getting used to and the game seems difficult again, which is a good thing (after about 10 attempts, finally have a solid endless run going). I haven't had time to test everything yet, but i love the new ships, updated music, tweaks to the graphics, and weapon balancing! Awesome work!


@VaylinArcher. The repair drones prioritize the ship the hangar is on, yes.



I'm playing the Android version on Normal. I currently have two ships, both Heavy Cruiser Carriers. One has 5 repair drones and 4 plasma bombers. The other has 4 plasma bombers and 3 missile bombers. At least that's what I bought for upgrades. What I actually see are 5 repair drones, 3 missile bombers, 4 plasma bombers, and 1 plasma bomber accompanied by 3 repair drones. During combat these additional 3 drones act like real repair drones while the one plasma bomber with them shoots like a plasma bomber. Because I upgraded one squadron of plasma bombers to Burst 1, I can tell that the messed up squadron belongs to my original ship. Leaving and restarting the game didn't fix it.

I hope this is enough information to track down the bug at some point.


P.S. Thanks for a great game I really enjoy it.


I just remembered, when the problem first showed up, 2 plasma bombers were destroyed, and 2 repair drones showed up instead of the replacement plasma bombers. Since the ship losing the bombers was also the ship that has the repair drones, it's as if anything lost by that ship is replaced by a repair drone.

I hope the info helps!


Started a new game. Heavy Cruiser Carrier, 5 repair, 4 plasma. After the repair drones tried to repair the enemy ship (!), there were only 4 left. All of them were replaced by plasma. So I now I have 8 plasma and 1 repair.

Please say that someone is looking into this.


Please take some screenshots of these situations! One screenshot of the ship layout with your hangars, and then another showing the fighters in the map. Upload them to http://imgur.com and use the "img" button here Smile Remember to use the "direct link" link from imgur, it needs to end on either .jpg or .png to show up here.

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