Impressions of Updated Version


I just bought the game today and just wanted to congratulate the devs on a great game. I have spent the afternoon at work reading through the forum and it's really nice to see them taking an active interest in the what I can only assume to be budding community as well.

After I get home tonight I'm hoping to get properly stuck in again (only had the chance to play an hour last night) as it really is an enjoyable game. Again, congratulations guys.


(Just realized a typo there and I can't seem to edit my post but what I meant to say was I bought the game last night. Ah well. Still a great game)


@KingNoodle. Many thanks! And welcome aboard, Commander.


I love the game. My single annoyance is the continual zooming in by the game; after jumping, quest objectives, nemesis and buoys. Can we have an option to turn this off. Maybe it's just an app thing but I loose ships because of this and I'm about to throw my phone because of it


Its an app thing, I've found that pressing pause helps until its done its thing.

On PC I've made pause the middle mouse like FTL our of habit.



I've had a chance to test the photon launcher. The bug with how missile speed is displayed has been resolved. However, the bugs with how missile speed is applied remain. Specifically, the missile speed upgrade still doesn't do anything. All missiles from photon launchers are the same speed regardless of the speed upgrade level.


Still really annoying, even pausing it and having to zoom out is really cumbersome.
Oh and the intense white flash after zoning in and out gives me a headache...
Still though the game is highly addictive and can't wait for further additions Smile.
Would be awesome to get some community based content going? my fiancé loves working on game models and art


Agree with most of those.

Problem with Gatling (and other weapons with high firing rate, and low accuracy) is that accuracy works really weird in this game. It seems that when firing, the gun is turning left and right, randomly, to take it look like it is "inaccurate". But turning takes time. :< This makes Gatlings fire slower, than they should, because sometimes they take sooooo long to turn to the next position. Imo, it looks silly, and it should work like this. Gun should be pointing towards its target, but the bullets coming out should be inaccurate.

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