Extended Edition part 2/2 out on mobile March 17th!




We have now reached the point where the mobile version of Extended Edition part 2/2 is starting to be in order for release! Really delighted to be able to tell you the good news. A lot of work but we are getting there Smile

Enjoy the new trailer above! Update out March 17th on both Android and iOS if everything goes according to plan.

Additions made to previous version:
  • Endless mode for every difficulty level.
  • New music tracks for each race (Except one).
  • 9 new playable ships for the player. (If I remember correctly Smile)
  • Enhanced AI.
  • Fast forward mechanism to speed up game play.
  • At least 1 new turret and 1 new facility, more if we have time!

Let me hear a "woop woop!" or "hype!" if this makes you all excited!



Oh and, RAWR!

Great news Aksel Smile looking forward to playing it AND you guys getting some much deserved rest Smile One question though, can we expect to see an android beta appear before the final is released? It's no big deal if not, but it *WOULD* stop me loading the play store every 30 minutes lol.


Woop woop and hype, but the new ships shouldn't be unlocked last some only have few guns and no hangars


@Squizzle. Yes, but they are also the fastest ships in the game. Just to give some flavour to the variety! So many powerful ships already in there so... I believe there are 21 in total now!


@UncleMarty. I'm fairly certain we will do a beta test soon! To make sure everything works.

As long as you are in the beta group using the link below:

You should be able to update. I will certainly notify you here at the forums when we open beta! So note to all, the beta is not open currently. If you join using the link above you will be able to update once we open beta.


Really good news!!!Just can't wait!!!LOL


@Admiral Ah, personally I think swarms of fighters or guns > speed


That's great news! I'm really enjoying the Steam version right now, can't wait to play on my phone during breaks!


Terrific news!

I have hundreds of games on my iPad. This is the one I play....

Any upgrades will be greeted with hoorah, and huzza huzza Smile



Best game for android! All it needs is an update like this one.

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