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Well hello fellas and perhaps a few stellas I just started this trek out a few days ago and I must admit I enjoy myself each time I boot her up on droid. I finished a run on easy, now trying normal out, but haven't ventured to the 2nd map. Anyway I commend the team here,bravo. Just wanted to add that as a new player I found it hard to fiqure out what was going on lol, maybe a option that shows a glossary of all the different items and info? Just my two sense and I'm quite sure it's been stated before, just wondering about if its been thought of. Pretty cool that ya guys find the time to chat, thank you for the game!


Greetings! Glad to have you on board, Commander. Yeah, there could be some stellas around, hehe Smile The can be confusing at first, that is true. We will see if we can make it more clear at some point.


There are a couple of quick start guides available on the forum that might help. There is also a link to a Steam PC guide which is helpful.

Don't feel bad...I literally took MONTHS or more to learn some basic stuff. Like the fact that battlestations sell stuff (now with a shopping cart sign) which is kind of important. And you can reject a mission and another one shows up. And things drop in space that you can pick up (now alleviated with the ! sign).
And so on.

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