Battlestation: Harbinger now also on Steam!

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Commanders! We have now released an excellent PC version of Battlestation: Harbinger on Steam. This is the full Extended Edition version, mobile will follow suit with an upcoming update March 17th.

We have now added:
  • An Endless mode for each difficulty level
  • 9 new playable ships
  • A few new turrets and facilities
  • Enhanced AI
  • + Whatever we can manage

Get Harbinger for PC:
<iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="646" height="190"></iframe>

Open in browser:
Open directly in Steam: Battlestation: Harbinger Steam Store Page</li>

Watching this community grow has been a special time for me, and we will do our best to continue making great games for you in the future.


When can we expect to see upgrades to the mobile version?


Nevermind. March 17th (hopefully).


Probably going to announce our new game idea sometime soon! So remember to register here to be the first to know: CLICK HERE


New alltime record win. 13,764, in Hard section of app. All hail Rayceman.


Oops. 13,729 pts made.


I think I did ask before, but if we've bought harbinger on android since the beta, do we get a steam key or do we have to buy it again? Fine either way but if you don't ask you don't get Wink

Enjoying the update but some of the new ships don't balance well, still fun though (although the "on PC" messages while playing on android do make me smile)

Going to check the other announcement now, sounds exciting.

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