Extended Edition part 2/2 Mobile beta test!



This beta test is to find out all bugs and faults so that we can fix them, we need your help doing that! So all of you who have bought the game follow the instructions below. NOTE! You have to have the game bought on Google Play or Apple App Store to participate.


Send a mail to [email protected] with headline "Apple beta test" and you will be invited. This beta test will not be open for long.



When you have joined using that link, go to my applications in Google Play and you should be able to update Harbinger like below:

[Image: Screenshot_2015-11-27-15-42-49.png]

Remember! Do not uninstall the game at any point if you want to keep your progress. The game does not have Cloud Save. Instead, join the beta test program and update the game with the official new version once it hits the store.

Please report all bugs and feedback in this thread!

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