Extended Edition part 2/2 Mobile beta test!


@AdmiralGeezer, well done sir. As a veteran player I really like the updates. There are lots of little tweaks I really like:
*projectile cannon got a range need. Good. It was a little too strong for the price.
*bolter drones got a significant damage nerf. Good also because now there is reason to use something else.
*missile bombers got burst which makes them much more viable now.
*addition of range upgrades for gatling and laser pdw are much appreciated.
*little star next to your flagship really helps denote which ship you HAVE TO keep alive.
*nuke gets an armor attribute. Makes it much more viable.

Those are just the small tweaks I like.

Bigger things:
I LOVE the fast forward mode.

Also, I love the new fast ships. So much fun to play when combined with fast forward. It's nice to have a pesky gunship of your own for a change.

The new particle cannon is nice. A human answer to some of the late-game superweapons the other races get.

My only gripe so far is some of the new ships which I think are a little too strong. In particular the valiant and harbinger. The valiant has so many pdw that on mobile, it's actually hard to switch to the next ship in your fleet without hitting the top left pdw slot.

I am willing to concede that I'm in the minority who want the game harder Smile

@valynarcher - I feel some new challenges coming Smile

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