Extended Edition part 2/2 Mobile beta test!


For android, should I have to pay for the update? Play store is charging me $3.99 for the update. I just wanted to ensure that this is correct before proceeding.


No, the update won't cost anything and it seems more likely that you are using another account than the one that you purchased the game with.

Either that, or Google has somehow lost sense of you already owning the game Smile


@AdmiralGeezer, well done sir. As a veteran player I really like the updates. There are lots of little tweaks I really like:
*projectile cannon got a range need. Good. It was a little too strong for the price.
*bolter drones got a significant damage nerf. Good also because now there is reason to use something else.
*missile bombers got burst which makes them much more viable now.
*addition of range upgrades for gatling and laser pdw are much appreciated.
*little star next to your flagship really helps denote which ship you HAVE TO keep alive.
*nuke gets an armor attribute. Makes it much more viable.

Those are just the small tweaks I like.

Bigger things:
I LOVE the fast forward mode.

Also, I love the new fast ships. So much fun to play when combined with fast forward. It's nice to have a pesky gunship of your own for a change.

The new particle cannon is nice. A human answer to some of the late-game superweapons the other races get.

My only gripe so far is some of the new ships which I think are a little too strong. In particular the valiant and harbinger. The valiant has so many pdw that on mobile, it's actually hard to switch to the next ship in your fleet without hitting the top left pdw slot.

I am willing to concede that I'm in the minority who want the game harder Smile

@valynarcher - I feel some new challenges coming Smile


^that's range NERF for the projectile cannon. Darned autocorrect.


@AdmiralGeezer: I checked and the account I purchased the app under is active. It even brings up the review I left. However, it does appear, despite having the correct account selected, it is trying to use the account of my phone to verify purchase instead of the account I have selected for use in the play store. It also will not allow me to change accounts when trying to get the update. So I guess that leaves me waiting until the official release Sad


Actually, I think I got it figured out. I had to join the test program with the correct account. so hopefully, problem solved!


Everything seems to be running smoothly. Im almost at the end of my first run through. Only thing I've noticed is that the ambient music has so far only been updated for the schillae. After i went to the second and third missions, the ambient music returned to normal. The battle music is different across the board. Not sure if it was intended to be that way or not. If all the races are supposed to have their own soundtrack, it may be due to changing to the next level as the schillae were my first encounter. But the wanderers, and celestials that i faced on levels 2 and 3 had the original ambient music. On a separate device, the trolgars also had their own soundtrack, but i havent gotten to the second level on that one yet.


I'm not sure if it was a bug, but starting a new "Endless" run I got ZERO starting scrap. It definitely made the game a lot tougher to play the first 5 jumps without any weapons.


Not sure if this is the right spot to post for the beta test but I found a small bug. when warping to different location the weapon disappear then reappear if space then then jump back to the ship. Like I said small bug I play on a android rca tablet.


I was also thanking some in app purchase would help you guy with you game. maybe a large capital and time 2 scrap purchase maybe even packs to purchase to do upgrades and to have maybe 2 more ships and death sentence mode

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