Extended Edition part 2/2 Mobile beta test!


After spending a lot of time not paying attention to microeconomics and instead playing this game, I have a few suggestions to make. Beyond the following, I love your folk's game, it tickles the right spots. Note that I have only played on hard, and all balance changes I recommend are based on my experience with the hard difficulty.

Standardize the amount of starting scrap and research. It is annoying to start a game with 750 scrap, then start another one with 1100. Same goes for RP. Rather than surround the starting ship with a bunch of resources, is it possible to start the player with around 1000 right in the bank? and 7 RP? (this seems to be about the average amount of resources I get between games.

Buff the missile bombers. I have found that the 800 point plasma bombers are much better at their jobs, with more range and (as far as I can tell) a higher fire rate, and more ships per hanger bay. As it stands, I do not see the 1200 price tag being justified.

Balance the early game (on hard at least). Beyond my starting spot on the system map, I only have about 2 or 3 locations to visit before I start encountering enemy capital ships, and sometimes the only way I have been able to fight them off and get my feet off the ground is by jumping in and out of systems repeatedly doing tiny bits of damage at a time. I like this game because it is difficult, but the difficulty involved in getting to the mid game on hard mode is no longer fun, it is repetitive and frustrating. Either tone down the difficulty of ships encountered (fighting enemy ships that have 2 hanger bays when I have only an energy gun and two projectile cannons is not fun), or give the player a few more jumps without encountering enemy capital ships (I refer to bigger ships with health bars that aren't fighters capital ships).

When I retreat out of a losing battle, sometimes an enemy ship and it's fighters follow me. This is normal, and I like the idea, but it would be better if the pursuing forces did not jump right on top of my forces. Make them jump to a random one of the nine sectors of the area, or one adjacent to mine, but please not right on top. It is quite annoying to retreat from a battle with low health, only to have a ship with missiles warp in 5 meters from me.

I love the balance changes made so far, and quite like the addition of all the new ships. I truly feel like I am rewarded for playing while I unlock these new ships.

That is all so far, as I play more I will likely post more. Remember that I am not hating on the game, I in fact love and enjoy it greatly, and these are ways I believe it could be improved. I am open to discussion, rebuttals, and even insults if you believe I am wrong in what I say. Above all, thanks for the opportunity to test the new version and play this game.


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