Extended Edition part 2/2 Mobile beta test!


Ok, so i've played through it a few times now. The music is in fact working correctly, it's just that the wanderers and celestials appear to have retained the original theme. So far i've only run into three VERY minor issues. Occasionally the wrench icon that appears above my ships when they are damaged spontaneously disappears, despite the fact that i have not repaired the ship. But anyone who is paying attention to their ship should know if it is damaged by the length of the hull status bar. Secondly, a few times after beating a level, i did not get the speach at the end about how awesome i am. Not really a big issue, my ego will survive without it, and i frequently dont pay attention to it anyway as ive seen it hundreds of times before. Thirdly, the fast forward button seems to get stuck in between jumping to new sectors. That is not to say that im stuck in fast or slow mode, but rather that the button stays highlighted as if i have fast forward activated, when it actually is not activated. Not really a big issue, i just press it twice and the problem is resolved. Like i said, these are minor issues that are probably more trouble fixing than it would be worth. I will say that i am not as fond of the new purchasing menu as i was of the original. I have accidentally purchased a few things that i didnt intend to due to the new design. But, i can also understand that someone new to the game might have an easier time with it and im probably just used to the original setup. All in all these minor issues pale in comparison to the significant benefits in the update. Im loving the new ships.

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