Extended Edition part 2/2 Mobile beta test!


That reminds me, I had a similar bug on my very first run where I hired a merc (a trolgar light carrier) and it acted like a second fleet ship... I could command it and change all its gear.
So I stripped it and let it get destroyed (I couldn't sell the actual ship) giving me full main and pdw weapons as well as a free trolgar fighter squadron equipped on my guardian carrier on the second turn of the first map.
Haven't seen it happen since though.


BTW guys,this thread is for bug reporting on the mobile beta.
Not for complaints, tweaks or suggestions.


It is best to have every comment here, now they are a bit scattered all over the place. So feel free to post anything from bug reports to wishes.


Well I can't argue with that.


@Paladin27. Haha, no! Because I'm Admiral Geezer, and I can be a grumpy man sometimes!


[Image: DVQKdG1]

Here's a screenshot of the issue. You can clearly see four valiants on screen, one of which used to be mine. @AdmiralGeezer is there any diagnostic information I can gather which would be helpful for debugging it? Thanks!


Ok, I can't seem to edit posts in chrome, and the img utility in the forum post maker failed, so here's a plain URL: http://imgur.com/DVQKdG1


@Mordaciss I see you like shields,
how do you deal with missile and rocket barrages?


Ignored them. Had enough overpowered death rays everything usually died asap. I second the insufficient scaling of difficulty, except for the opponent's death rays, which can eat through 2600 shields in under 5 seconds. Ow.


@Morcadiss. That ship exchange bug should be fixed now!

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