Extended Edition part 2/2 Mobile beta test!


Enjoying the update on mobile. I have a suggestion for tractor beams. Would it be possible to have them target the large ships when a smaller target is not available? Theyou shouldn't move them necessarily but they should still be able to do their damage. This would make them a more useful option.

Thanks for all your work on this!


@Unawares. Yes that tractor beam thingie would be sweet. We will see! We are actually planning a new game right now, and it is proving to be quite hard. I mean we have a lot of nice ideas but it is hard to know which one to make Smile


I have been noticing this too. To fatal ends. The enemy ship shows as in the very corner and when i drop in I Am literally on top of them. Sad


Failed to quote a previous post properly... Sorry. But my post was in reference to the drop in size seeming more vague than before.


From a fine Commander elsewhere:

Love this game. Here are feedback on how to improve the game. Tried to not make too many game changing new feature requests.

* Export Android save to Steam (and vise versa).
* Get Steam version cheaper if you already payed for the Android version (and vise versa).

* If you minimize game when you have hull config open, and open again, the image of the ship gets scrambled.
* Most of the times when you sell a mission item you don’t get a warning.
* Clicking on missions should center on middle of screen, not top right of it.
* Sometimes fleed ships still show up as in sector (both on map and as arrow).
* Sometimes in a fight a sector show as it has items even though it has not. That dissapears as soon as the fight is over. Mostly becuse you left a sector that had an item you left.
* Sometimes center wrong when you get “Destroy this Ship”.
* Laser like weapons hitting a fleeing ship gets very long lines.

* Option to remember speed settings.
* Option to turn of move screen when alerting.
* Option to remove autotraveling warning.

* When you choose ship in a new game, see a large hull config.
* Double tap on map to move there.
* Different lasers should have variating colors.
* Scientist portrait looks off, does not fit the rest of the graphics.
* Should not say “Destroy Ship” if it is a base/station.

* Enemy should get back 20% health and 100% shield each turn (or something like that, depending on difficulty settings).
* Less chance to find a superweapon early on.
* Be able to find small shield boost.
* Destroyed friendly should give scrap/upgrade points (more if it had alot of items).
* A few missions have too little time, beacuse they are too far away.
* Helping allies should have more turns (or maybe non combat count as half turns).
* Less chance for enemy to move to a dangerous system alone.
* More chance for an enemy to move to a friendly system (friendly to the opponent).
* At later levels, get more rewards from missions.
* Should not hyperspace into bases.
* Laser like weapons should not massely overhit hit targets, but choose others.
* Better versions of same weapon should cost more (better stats).

New features:
* Be able to find/buy better versions of drones/fighters/bombers.
* Be able to find better version of the small slots.
* x4 times speed.
* In asteroid field: More asteroids, larger ones higher damage. Auto shoot at them if no other targets.
* Exploding ship should do damage.
* Debree from exploding ships/bases. They shoul damage those that get hit. Fighters and small weapons should try to shoot them down.
* Set default who to target per slot.
* Set default move type per drone slot: try to smash into warhead, avoid, normal.
* Fighters should rotate around ship in asterod field to protect it.
* Black Hole/EMP Storm should decrease most accurcy.
* Teslacoil graphics should stay for a longer time (but less dmg per s).
* Small ships should count as less reinforcement, and you could have 3 of them.
* New types of missions. Like protect base from ongoing attacks for 5 rounds. Buy one item far away and get it back.
* Space should be able to hold more than 4 items. Sometimes new items get lost if already full.
* More variating levels. Sometimes with mixed rases.


Nice with the export feature Smile.
Glad you like my feedback. Here are a few more.

* Add a delay after a drone is repspawned (so it hurts a bit to have them destroyed).

* Option to remove flashes, from light speed jump and alike (destroys night vision, and can cause epilepsy).



From a fine Commander elsewhere.

Custom ship maker. Custom amount of slots for a ship hull.

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