Review/Analysis of the new Ships


I fight to the bitter end, I went from a harbinger down to a valhalla, then another mistake I was forced down to a ravager.
From my weakened state I got hammered again and had to resort to a viper... Yes a viper in the middle of endless hard mode to dock my pod to jump to the nearest station. With a small stash of distress beacons I managed to lure some ships in and gather the scrap to build back up and continue the fight.

The new ships aren't all that bad. I'm sure future updates will bring them up to speed. The harbinger and valiant are very strong ships but can still be taken down like the rest.

Introducing firing arcs for primary weapons of 45°, 90° and 180° would be a real game changer, letting the newer faster ships turn to bring weapons to bear and allowing smaller ships to out flank the heavy guns.


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