Introduce yourself, Commander!



I thought it would be nice to get to know each other here a little more. Say as much or as little as you like about yourself.

Some questions you could answer:
  • How old are you? Male or female?
    <li>What introduced you to Battlestation (Where did you hear from it)?
  • What is your favorite other game or games? What kind of games do you like?
  • What do you usually eat for breakfast?
  • First game you ever played?

I will start below!



I'm Admiral Geezer, actually I'm Aksel. I'm 32 years old and part of a 3 man indie dev team here in Finland.

What introduced you to Battlestation (Where did you hear from it)?

Oh well, I helped create it! It all started from a prototype done in a couple of weeks now named Battlestation: Classic.

What is your favorite other game or games? What kind of games do you like?

League Of Legends and competetive First Person Shooters. But I'm more oldschool and played Action Quake 2 back in the days.

What do you usually eat for breakfast?

I eat porridge with some fruity sauce!

First game you ever played?

Super Mario 1


My name is Matthew and I'm a 32yo male from New Zealand,
I had found battle station:first contact on google play as a recent release.
Other games I play are Homeworld, Imperium Galactica, FTL and The Elder Scrolls.
Breakfast is an earl grey and a cigarette, and the first game I ever played was Alex Kidd in miracle world on the SMS2 which I can still clock with one life to this day.


Name is Nikita,34 years old,from Moscow.Started from BS first contact in Play Market.BS Harbinger is the only game in my phone,but in general play strategies(RTS).For breakfast eat what god will send.LOL First game I ever played was Pittfall in Atari(in those times it was cool!)))))


Name: Neil
Age: 38
Gender: Male
What introduced you to Battlestation: I think I found it via some web article about good android games.
Favourite other games: Hearthstone, Master of Orion 2, World of Warcraft
What do you usually eat for breakfast: Granola
First game you ever played: Strika 2 - a very primitive games console with a few Pong style games built into it. I also played a lot of ZX Spectrum games - Chuckie Egg, Jet Set Willy, Manic Miner etc. Yes, I'm really quite old Smile


14 (i think i am the youngest in there, LOL Smile )
I ve started playing battlestation FC in july 2015 then i ve get a message about BS Harbinger
My other favourite games are CSGO, Starcraft 2, KSP and Robocraft
For breakfast i ussualy have toasts
First game i ve ever played was Counter-strike


Yeah, and i was second, who bought this game Smile


Name is Jon, 35 yrs old, and based in the US.

First came across BSH in the playstore while looking for a paid app since I was tired of the F2P app model. Been playing for around 5 months now.

Don't get to do any gaming anymore, but all time favorite game is Final Fantasy 7 and I prefer RPGs and Tactical RPGs.

Usually eat cereal for breakfast.

First video game ever played was Pitfall/Super Breakout/Asteroids on the Atari 2600 (can't remember which was first).


I'm will, I'm 19 I bought battlesatiom harbinger on sale, and have been playing it ever since.
Umm the first game I played was probably age of empires 2.
I eat a bowl of fruit every day.
The game I play the most is HAWKEN!


Hi everyone!
I'm 36 and got this game with the Humble Bundle Mobile. Awesome features in less than 50mb, incredible!
And addictive.

I play RTS and Puzzle, like "The witness". For breakfast, I can eat pretty much anything (porrige, cereal, sausage, bacon,...). Not always the same but the cup of coffee.

My first game? Wow, Megaman on NES.

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