Escape pod malfunction


My main ship was destroyed and I escaped in the escape pod. When I indicate which wing ship i want to escape to, all the the controls disappeared and the screen locks up midd battle. I'm running the latest version on an Ipad Air.


Our best engineers at Station G-37 have looked into this and have determined the following...

"The integrated HUD and controls on the Experimental Personnel Escape Launch System (ExPELS) model es-324 has a known conflict with Apple devices from the year 2183 and earlier causing a loss of thruster responsiveness and life support functionality resulting in catastrophic bio-signature deterioration.

We apologize for the inconvenience and a full replacement of the ExPELS module will be sent to you within the next 76 working days however we cannot refund human lives as it conflicts with your 'lite' warranty upon initial purchase.




@pion. Can you replicate this?


I'm currently in the midst of an endless run. When i get bored or killed, I'll try to duplicate it.

What I did was put the escape pod on my flagship. When it blew up, i could see myself escaping. I clicked on one of my wing ships and saw a new icon that i assumed was a "choose this ship to teleport to" icon so i clicked on it. At that moment it froze.

I did close the app and restart it which placed me at the beginning of that battle. I still lost my flagship and teleported with the same results.

Am I doing it right?

Also, I see there's a new update on the app store that showed up yesterday but i haven't downloaded it yet. I saw a post that claimed someone lost all their progress when they downloaded the latest update so it led me to not updating at this time.



@pion. If you mean the Apple App Store it should be safe, although it only fixes a bug specific to iPhone 4 and 5. So in that sense no need to update. All progress lost have been on Android lately, we are trying to figure that out.


I duplicated it. My flagship was destroyed, my escape pod launched, I selected a wing ship as my destination and it froze. I closed the game and went back in and was back at the beginning of the battle.

This time, I immediately clicked on my escape pod then clicked on a wing ship and selected it as my destination and it worked. I may not have clicked on my escape pod the prior times it crashed but i'm not sure.

What is the exact sequence of events that lead to a successful escape pod launch and recovery?


Should work just by clicking the icon on a wing ship when it's there as a possibility. Will look into it.


Pausing the game when escape pod has launched and then choosing docking ship will cause you to be unable to unpause the game. So that is one thing to keep in mind! We tested this on iPad mini and couldn't get it to freeze otherwise. We found out you might lose control of the new ship so we're fixing that.

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