My feedback:


Love this game. Here are feedback on how to improve the game. Tried to not make too many game changing new feature requests.

* Export Android save to Steam (and vise versa).
* Get Steam version cheaper if you already payed for the Android version (and vise versa).

* If you minimize game when you have hull config open, and open again, the image of the ship gets scrambled.
* Most of the times when you sell a mission item you don't get a warning.
* Clicking on missions should center on middle of screen, not top right of it.
* Sometimes fleed ships still show up as in sector (both on map and as arrow).
* Sometimes in a fight a sector show as it has items even though it has not. That dissapears as soon as the fight is over. Mostly becuse you left a sector that had an item you left.
* Sometimes center wrong when you get "Destroy this Ship".
* Laser like weapons hitting a fleeing ship gets very long lines.

* Option to remember speed settings.
* Option to turn of move screen when alerting.
* Option to remove autotraveling warning.

* When you choose ship in a new game, see a large hull config.
* Double tap on map to move there.
* Different lasers should have variating colors.
* Scientist portrait looks off, does not fit the rest of the graphics.
* Should not say "Destroy Ship" if it is a base/station.

* Enemy should get back 20% health and 100% shield each turn (or something like that, depending on difficulty settings).
* Less chance to find a superweapon early on.
* Be able to find small shield boost.
* Destroyed friendly should give scrap/upgrade points (more if it had alot of items).
* A few missions have too little time, beacuse they are too far away.
* Helping allies should have more turns (or maybe non combat count as half turns).
* Less chance for enemy to move to a dangerous system alone.
* More chance for an enemy to move to a friendly system (friendly to the opponent).
* At later levels, get more rewards from missions.
* Should not hyperspace into bases.
* Laser like weapons should not massely overhit hit targets, but choose others.
* Better versions of same weapon should cost more (better stats).

New features:
* Be able to find/buy better versions of drones/fighters/bombers.
* Be able to find better version of the small slots.
* x4 times speed.
* In asteroid field: More asteroids, larger ones higher damage. Auto shoot at them if no other targets.
* Exploding ship should do damage.
* Debree from exploding ships/bases. They shoul damage those that get hit. Fighters and small weapons should try to shoot them down.
* Set default who to target per slot.
* Set default move type per drone slot: try to smash into warhead, avoid, normal.
* Fighters should rotate around ship in asterod field to protect it.
* Black Hole/EMP Storm should decrease most accurcy.
* Teslacoil graphics should stay for a longer time (but less dmg per s).
* Small ships should count as less reinforcement, and you could have 3 of them.
* New types of missions. Like protect base from ongoing attacks for 5 rounds. Buy one item far away and get it back.
* Space should be able to hold more than 4 items. Sometimes new items get lost if already full.
* More variating levels. Sometimes with mixed rases.


Forgot to tell that this report is for Android.


"* Export Android save to Steam (and vise versa)."

Working on this system right now Smile Hi there! Thank you very much for the feedback. Glad to have you on board, Commander.


Nice with the export feature Smile.
Glad you like my feedback. Here are a few more.

* Add a delay after a drone is repspawned (so it hurts a bit to have them destroyed).

* Option to remove flashes, from light speed jump and alike (destroys night vision, and can cause epilepsy).


Would love to hear feedback on the rest of my findings. You want something more explained? You understand all of my bug reports?


Instead of giving feedback on every point I'm going to explain the philosophy behind fulfilling requests from players.

You have some good ones there in our opinion as well, definitely. Like the "Enemy should get back 20% health and 100% shield each turn (or something like that, depending on difficulty settings)."

Let's tackle this one just as an example. Let's say we do this, what happens? The game becomes harder obviously, because enemies regenerate. What will this lead to? Players that aren't the best at the game will send us angry e-mails stating the game is now impossible. Some players will send us e-mails saying this was a good change! How do we know which way to go, we can't predict what will happen.

So now we probably have to re-balance the game to soothen the angry players. Before we know it, this has taken 2 weeks and cost $4000.

Due to our philosophy with Harbinger of now having any in-apps at the moment, any change we make will not give us more revenue. We've kept improving the game for half a year now, made possible by a Kickstarter we ran back in October 2015.

We would like to fulfill every wish but unfortunately this industry does not work in a way where a developer can fulfill every request and still get bread on the table, there are so many things to consider. If a developer goes on to fulfill every request for one game he will inevitably go bankrupt.

Secondly, for every request there are usually x amount of players that think it isn't a good idea. Makes it hard to decide which way to go sometimes. Sometimes things are really clear and it is easier.

So every improvement we make we have to think "Is it worth it?". Our goal is to please our players, but our goal is also to stay in business. To make a living out of this. All we really want is to make games and hopefully succeed making our players happy.

Now, you do have some great ideas. I'm going to copy them over to the mobile beta test thread. Nice to have good feedback in one thread, when we look into making modifications and improvements we look there and go through all ideas. Then we pick the ones we think have the most "worth it" points, all things considered Smile


And as stated previously we are already working on one of your wishes, the cloud save. So that was one that we had already given enough "worth it" points!


Ok thanks for the reply at least. So now I know I won't buy it for Steem too if you already stoped adding features.
The bugs wont be fixed either I guess.

I know how it is to be a developer doing a project. I work with this full time too. It was not my intent to complain about the fun game, but to help out. I know I'm happy when I get good feedback from users. Better to know more than not.

Again thanks for a super fun game. I guess I will uninstall it now. Good bye!


In the last paragraph I wrote it says we will still work on Harbinger, but that we cannot fulfill every wish players have. It's just impossible. So we have to try to choose the ones with the most impact on player happiness and effectivity regarding us continuing in the business.

I cannot promise anything regarding new features, except for the cloud save system, which we have been working on for a while now. Major bugs will also be tackled. We will of course fix bugs that affect game play in a bigger way. We're also eager on starting on a new game, so that will probably become the main focus here soon.



Of course I understand that all things I suggested wont be included. That was not the reason I wrote this Smile. I only hope any of it would help you guys someway.
I look forward news game. Hope it will be as special as this one. Hopefully a Rough like game (hard, need for restart over and over, buy gain some of the games before).

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