Battlestation: Harbinger Cloud Save version beta test



We have started a beta test on Android for our very own cloud save system, called Bugbyte cloud! Now you can upload your progress and play on multiple Android devices with the same progress.

We're going to roll this out to be functional cross-platform on mobile and PC later. Now we just want to test that the Android only works Smile

As always, you can join here if you have not already:

Not open on iOS yet!

Let us know how it works in this thread!


Able to create account and upload data from my tablet, but then unable to log in or reset password from my phone.


@ad0nis. Are you sure you have internet enabled on phone? Are you sure you put in the right e-mail?


Figured it out. There was a space in "@gmail. com" in my registration.
Should probably not allow that.



Is the Cloud supposed to be incompatible with the Kickstarter ship?

Updating my Steam account to my Android version on the cloud wiped the Patreon of my ship list.
Putting in the code for the Patreon wiped my progress.


It's a bug. You can send mail to [email protected] and we can fix the levels on the PC version.

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