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As was with the others, the Celestials succumbed before my fleet!

Here's where it started to get a bit tricky. You really had to manage every aspect of the game now. Started off with 4 bolters, 3 hangars and (unlike any other episode) with a shuttle. As soon as one of their larger ships appeared, I captured it and with that made use of the -15% disadvantage their troops have.

After the capture, I sold the shuttle bay and started to build the end game configuration, ending up with 3 hangars, 2 lasers and 3 missiles. I know it's a bit of a game of luck with the research, but it's really a question of how you make that luck work for you.

Kept the defense close on this one, as the enemy's energy weapons cut through the station's shields real fast if not stopped. I concentrated all my fire on a single ship to bring each down fast. You shouldn't be afraid to bring even the non-shielded missile boats forward if needed. When they have forward momentum, retreat with jump is just moments away. Advance, destroy, jump. That's how you bring them down. Micromanage engineers at all time, I had mine on weapons most of the time as I found a good balance between stations weapons and fighters.

Bold tactical moves, a bit of luck with tech and early capture of one of their capital ships were keys to victory on this one.

The strike against the ships and spirits of the Celestials was swift and brutal. The hull trembling roar of my capital ships forward batteries, the creaking ruptures of alien craft made of alloys we've never even heard of and the inhuman screams of disbelief and agony of their crew, uttered in words physically impossible for a human to mimic. These are the sounds of war. Silenced for now. With this victory, the humanity is safe once again. But for how long... Bring out the challenger. I have no fear for the unknown.

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