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Hi Phasma Felis!

Yes you are right, the game is not completely polished in that way. It's hard to see the game through a new set of eyes once you have stared at it for months.

I can give you some pointers.

  1. Gatling is the best short range weapon. It is best to use gatling whenever you can afford it.
    Especially in episode 2 the key is to build up many Gatling guns as fast as possible, and continue on to missiles and plasmas from there. It is a really tough episode to beat.
    Plasma is very good for large ships, and awesome in general.
    Missile is also good in general.
    I would not invest in Orb weapons.
    Hangars and Fighters are awesome.
    In general the combination of Gatling guns, Plasmas/Missiles and hangars should give you a good chance to beat any episode

Keep on rocking!

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