Humble Bundle update?


I ended up getting a copy of Battlestation: Harbinger in a Humble Bundle for mobile after seeing Scott Manley playing it and then it popping up in the bundle. I really like the game and I'm super stoked to see the cross-platform cloud save. However it doesn't look like Humble has the patch yet?

Is there any ETA on this? Is this an issue? Or is it just that it may not have propagated yet?


Greetings. It is updated to Humble Bundle, but it has to be done manually by sending them the package.

When we did that they said that players have to re-install the game to get the new one with could save (Note to anyone reading, this is only on Humble Bundle, not on Google Play or iOS), we don't know why.

So you would have to manually save files "user" and "save" and then transfer them over to the new install folder. I'm not sure if those are saved when you uninstall and then reinstall.


Could you give me the path to the save files? I've been trying to find them but am having no luck.


Games are usually installed in the data/data folder, the device might have to be rooted for you to get access. Files in data/data/fi.bugbyte.harbinger/files/

Copy Files: ”save” and “user”.


Sweet. Got it taken care of. Now my issue is that I made a cloud account on mobile and I can't log into it on PC! D:


It might be case sensitive. If you can log in on mobile it should work on PC as well Smile


Ahh, yup. It's case sensitive but I've identified a bug. My old password used capital letters in some places and it wasn't working when I was 100% sure it was the right password...

So I noticed the email field only allows lower case... so I changed my password to use only lower case letters. Now I can log in just fine!

So it seems like the box is probably not allowing for upper case letters to be put in.

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