Enemy targeting on Steam version



i enjoyed this game so much on ios that i bought it on steam. one feature that i cannot figure out however is how to target enemy ships. how do i get the red command combat wheel to come up on enemy ships while playing the steam version? also, how do i select targets for my fighters? i cant seem to find anything telling me how to do this.

thank you all for your help!


On Steam version, choose one of your own ships with the mouse 1 first, then click on the enemy ship with mouse 2. Hope I remembered it correctly Smile But you need to select your own or many of your own ships first.

Choose the fighters by bandboxing (Keep mouse 1 in and drag) to select fighters, then mouse 2 on any enemy ship to tell them to attack.


You can also use the keys 1-4 on the number row to select ships 1-3 individually, or all at once. Targeting works far better when paused, btw.

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