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Recently got this game on GOG, it's great, really love it. I usually collect games like this to play on laptop while away from home. But there's something strange with this one, on my rig (Core i5, 8Gb RAM, GTX 560 OC 1Gb VRAM) I play it smoothly 60 FPS in all case scenarios, while on laptop (Core i3, 4Gb RAM, GT 820M 1Gb VRAM) in menu I get only 20 FPS, and in-game it goes to 30-40 FPS. Sometimes in combat it fluctates to 20 and so on. I made sure to check Nvidia Control Panel and it presumably works on 820M GPU instead of integrated one (I set each .exe on high performance GPU by default).

There are no graphic settings in this game to tweak, and it sure looks gorgeous, but that's hard to believe its graphics may require that much hardware power considering requirments... I play games like Darkest Dungeon, Door Kickers, Skyshine's Bedlam, and some more which are fit well for laptops and work smoothly on 60 FPS. It's not exactly gamebreaking to have low framerate in Battlestation, but I'm curious, is it normal or something could be done to improve performance?



It should run very well yes, so that is weird. We haven't gotten any other reports of this problem. Try installing latest java on your laptop. Tried googling but couldn't find any possible solutions other than that I'm afraid.


Thanks for response! Yes, I usually do some research before posting, and I wasn't been able to come across similar reports myself. Updated java, GPU drivers, vc redist and DX is up to date, still same framerate, wierd.
If I'd be able to solve this on my own, I'll make sure to post it here. For now I hope someone may have any input about this or similar issues.


One unpleasant possibility is a mobile GPU hardware glitch. I don't see any lag on my older Windows 7 x64 Ultimate laptop (4 GB RAM, I7 720-QM, nVidia 360M), but my card has definite known serious flaws, and many of nVidia's mobile chipsets do, as well.

One thing to try is a "driver sweep" program, followed by an OLDER version of the nVidia driver (try several months back). nVidia is also unfortunately prone to boning their customers with flawed drivers, as well (half of my issues are actually do to nVidia's "updated" drivers, but I need them for certain games).

Otherwise, as a guess, your system may be a bit CPU-bound.


Well, that could be the case, but CPU doesn't seem to have any issues in other games, and considering GPU/CPU combination, it doesn't seem like any of those are bottlenecking.

Regarding drivers, I actually know that older ones usually work better then new ones, and thing is, my laptop had stock drivers and after update framerate didn't change at all.

The only possibility that comes to my mind is that game somehow ignores my discrete GPU and launches on integrated one. I heard of several games having this issue, when they override even CP setting and do not see more powerfull GPU, plus while playing I never heard cooler on GPU side actively working, which is wierd. Sadly I have no idea how to test it to know if it works on integrated or discrete one. =/


I just had more time to do a little test with rather mindblowind result and I think I got it working finally, so I have to post about this:
Forced Integrated GPU in Nvidia Panel, launched game, did few playthoughs, steady 60 FPS all the time, switch to high perf. GPU - 20-40 FPS...

I thought maybe something wrong with my laptop or video card so forced Integrated in few other games and I was receiving explicitly less frames than with Nvidia card, so that means Battlestations in basically unoptimised for 820M... awkward.

Anyway, the solution is simple I guess, just forced Integrated card for Battlestation: Harbinger.exe and getting steady 60 smooth frames all the time, wierd but that works alright, hope that helps someone with similar issue.



Interesting. Glad you got it to work!

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