Data Loss after redownloading the game


I have not played in a while, i did test the extended version beta when i receieved a email for it, i had to delete and redownload the game i was level 12 and i was reset back down to 1. This is agitating because i have to make up 12+ hours of grinding full hard missions again just to get back to where i was, i am regretting ever buying this game due to this data loss, i no longer have the time to farm and this game is no longer enjoyable it is unfair that this had to happen to me. --Rant Over


Automatic progress save is a new thing in mobile gaming, it has not been around for long and it is unfair to expect every single small indie developer to have such a system. If you delete the game expecting your save game to remain then that cannot in any way be our fault. Not every game has automatic progress save, especially games that are single player. It is up to the player to make sure the game has automatic progress save before they go deleting the game.

In no place have we ever advertised this game to have that automatic progress save either, there has not been any text stating this anywhere.

I understand you are agitated but unfortunately this is your own fault.

That said, if you mail us at [email protected] and you have a PC you play with as well we can fix this for you. You don't need to buy the game on PC, we can fix it without you re-buying.

We now have a cloud save system in the game but it is manual, you have to use the "B" shaped button in main menu to upload progress. It is cross-platform too so it works both on PC and mobile.

So mail us at [email protected] and we will fix this for you - Rant over.


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