DevBlog #1 - First steps to a prototype.

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Интересная задумка чем-то напоминает "star command".


I'll be following this game closely! Like others have said, clones are boring. Add some variation! Other games of this type get very same-y very fast. IMO, your top priority should be making this game stand out from others like it. Maybe you could have people build a ship rather than a station, and have them go on missions to various planets and have epic fleet battles? That concept isn't entirely foreign to you guys. There could also be factions which the player could join, all of which approach obstacles in different ways and have alliances and wars with other factions. It doesn't necessarily have to be a roguelike either; since cloning technology is a thing, why not just keep a 'copy' of your ship and crew which you can hop into when your first one gets destroyed? There's lots of directions this game could go in. Pick a good one! Smile


I just hope there is no excessive timers that reqeuires gems to speed up,and I also hope battles can happen when ever you want,not focusing on building stuff all the time,upgrading is very important,endless amounts of upgrading for better weapons is a must,and keeps people coming back.the graphics in the game look great so far,looking forward to watching this game develope into something playable.


Hi, Madmandom! Our focus is on making premium games, we don't make games that have "gems" that you need to buy with real money. I hope everyone can see that Smile I cannot promise things will not change in the future but as of now our plans is to make an outstanding base building game that is "pay once play forever", just like Battlestation: Harbinger is.

Keep giving feedback!


From a fine clone somewhere else:

You could start with Builder,Soldier,Sciencist and maybe someone else. Then you can clone them.

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Thank you for bringing us into what seems to be a wonderful journey !!! I'm sure this game will be amazing !
one question : will we be able to combat the station of other player, launch some kind of ship on others ? or this game will be sigleplayer ?

really lokking forward learning about the development process


I played a game when I was a kid, where you had this flying island that you could put guns and thrusters on to move about, attack enemies and also gain more land mass.

That would be incredibly cool to have again, zoom in for this micro management where you assign engineers and gunners etc.

Then zoom out for placing of weapons, shields and thrusters.
And then choose to attack enemy bases for fast resources, or explore the surroundings for asteroids or whatnot.

There's a few games with some or even all of these elements out there right now, but none do it well.


BattleStation was a huge success, This prototype already looks a hundred times better, I like the feature on how they are all going to be clones, Will enemy's dock our ship and engage with the clones directly, or are the clones going to board hostile ships?
Where would one go if the Battle-Stations fell?                                                                                                                                                                  ZazTheAdmiral


The game Shinobi was talking about was Stratosphere.  Very old game but it was an amazing concept ahead of its time. Needed a ton of processing  power  to  run it. I played the sandbox mode for hours. Please look at it, you may get some inspiration.


Hi! I really enjoyed battlestation and joined in the kickstarter. I think it's a great idea to include the fans in the next project. I used to spend time developing games when I was younger and your ideas remind me so much of the sort of thing that I would have loved to work on.

The new game is looking good. I actually like the idea of clones but I think that picking the statistics of "The original" should be an important choice at the beginning. E.g. if you give him a high intelligence stat then research in the game will be quicker, a high strength may make them better in battle or make building faster, high constitution/health would improve survivabilty. Due to the clone concept this choice can then effect the whole game playthrough style and will enhance replayability. 

As others say, I also recommend off-station missions from time to time to find special technologies (or room/item types). This will help to stop the game becomming monotinous. 

Good luck , I'll keep an eye on this blog and perhaps drop some more ideas in from time to time.

Hope this helps

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