DevBlog #1 - First steps to a prototype.


I don't want to sound harsh, or anything, but this is honestly what I feel about it:

It doesn't seem... interesting? It looks a generic indie game. Yet another space sim, with the difference being, you don't have many different characters, but only one. And it is supposed to be a feature... errr.
Not a single element of it (yet) seems to be new, or interesting. Sorry to say that, but it doesn't look too interesting... :V

Please note: I do not mean to offend you, it is just the way I feel about it.

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No problem Perq, all feedback is valuable to us. Everything is still so early so that is one thing to keep in mind, this is a development blog, not an announcement of a complete new game Smile

There will most likely be variation in the characters even if part of the game is about cloning, there can be different classes or some kind of manipulation of the genome to create characters differing from the original somehow.

Maybe the game will go into some completely different direction than the current one. Never know!


i really like the look of this game, i also really liked the look of spacebase DF-9 which was an early access and after a short time the developers took all the money and ran leaving me and many others with an incomplete game. what I'm asking is that you do not repeat history I really want to play a space management/survival that is complete and updated regularly. I was a kickstarter for harbinger and you have done us all proud with that masterpiece, I will happily kickstart this game too if that's the way it goes just don't let us down please.


I real like this concept. I am happy to see that you are sharing in the creation process. Thank you for including me on this journey. I believe it will be enjoyable as the game.


Now, I'm thinking it looks simple, busy, and redundant. I do understand new animations will be added later. I'd have to see it then, though, to form an opinion.

I'm not a big isometric (2.5D) fan (it feels like going backwards). If you do use 2.5D sprite-driven animation, I think you should consider either allowing rotation in 90° increments or going 3D, but on a locked isometric 45° vertical angle with free horizontal rotation. Graphics have reached the point when a lot can be done with any current OS. Make the difference in graphic performance with the shaders.

As far as the premise of the story, it sounds good, but again, I need to see where you go with it. I do like building-type\resource management games, but since I don't (ever) do consumable IAP and most are built on a consumable IAP model, I haven't found a good one to play yet. In other words, I need to see where this goes as well.

I will keep my eye on the project and see what happens.


Im very interested in getting a glimpse of the battle system when its created,and how many weapons/towers and upgrades,are you guys know already how the battles will take place? Some kind of tower defence battle is what im praying for,maybe the clones could mount the turrets and each clone brings its own set of abilites to a certain turret,im really looking forward to the sound effects you guys are going to add to the turrets or weapons,battlestation had some of the best I ever heard on the weapons.

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Looks quite sexy, and i like the idea.
How about some kinda genetic drift instead of pure perfect cloning, so after some time your population "evolves", with selective cloning happening to create specialized sub-species of the original.
Youd have the good old alrounder base model ( 1,1,1) and the guys in engineering eventually drift towards physique and specialized intelligence, so they become 1,2,2, while others become variations respective to their sections of the base.
If your playstyle is more redshirt inspired, you could make your people lean towards physical strenght with some scientists in between, or have a pure sciencebased people.
Different characteristics could also require different requirements to support their life, like more food or oxygen, more water or just more free space to do sports and the likes.
Eventually youd have a completely different species, a different KIND of species.
The difference between two peoples could become as much as between Ferengi and Klingons, and THAT would be a game mechanic noone has seen before!


Nice work people
"the simplest of replies can have the largest of effects" ~Me just a moment ago


Thank you Joppiseni, that made my day brighter and gave me some confidence regarding the game! The stakes are high for us, we don't have much room to make mistakes.

What I mean is that we cannot really afford to create a bad game, yet it's impossible to know if we will succeed in creating a great one. We can only try Smile


what is that giant cockroach(-robot?)-looking thing moving with the people?

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