Will this game receive any more, major additions/changes?


This has certainly been a very enjoyable game! Though as Perq said it needs a bit of a polish to reach its full potential. But as it goes bread on the table is a nice thing to have.

The information the UI offers, say when selecting ships for the fleet etc., is a little partial. And how awesome would it be to be able to battle PvP? Challenges and time lines are all of course real things and all things considered I for one am more than pleased with the end result.

As for the new game, Replicabase.. looking good Smile
I also enjoy games like EveOnline and FTL, and your games seem to be excellent additions to the genre.. Or should it be to the selection of genres. Your games seem to have a good potential for a nice own ecosystem. Could this be a thought for the future development with Replicabase? Or Harbinger still?

All in all, oh yeah! Good games Cool

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