Will this game receive any more, major additions/changes?


Just came back to tackle this idea again. I mean, the game is pretty much dead at this point. Angry Maybe even modding cannot save it anymore?   

I'll be very blunt but... I don't find the new game nearly as interesting as I did Battlestationvoid. And given how complex this game seems to be (at least in theory), it will take ages to develop it to the fullest. If you plan to end its development just as with Battlevoid, I don't mean to be rude, but it doesn't seem to be going to a place where this game become popular and/or replayable enough for people to consider buying it. There are dozens of indie games now.

Don't want to seem like I'm trying to put you down here (because I don't), but I think you could take a look at RimWorld's take on development. Angry
Almost open-source, no anti-piracy protection, metric shitton of mods. Over 10 times copies sold on SteamSpy. 
There is really a big hole in the market for games like Harbinger (be it mobile or PC), but for them to get out there, they need to be content packed and patched. There are people who will spend money on these games, even 30$. 

Just my honest opinion which is probably all wrong and I'm missing a lot of things that I simply don't know about but I guess different perspectives help sometimes. 
Best of luck with the new game, nonetheless!

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