Will this game receive any more, major additions/changes?

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Hello, Perq!

I can understand your frustration. So I will explain our decisions as best as I can. Here is a fact, it is not a guess or anything else. The following regarding our choices is a fact to what we believe to be 99% accurate:

We had two choices:

1. Continue on Harbinger and face bankruptcy
2. Start making new games and have a chance to create a more stable company.

Players often think that if a developer continues on a game after the initial publish, then the game will grow and create revenue. This is sometimes true, but most often not.

You mentioned Rimworld. What I would like you to understand is that Rimworld, and all other huge indie successes were successes from the very beginning. Games like FTL, Prison Arcitecht and many others all fall into this category.

These games are selling millions! Of course when developers have successes like these then they continue developing them for a long time.

From my perspective, it is very unfair to expect developers with small successes to work the same amount as developers that have no worry in the world anymore thanks to their big success.

We did not have this kind of a success, we got some revenue and then the sales dropped. We updated the game with a big update thanks to a Kickstarter, and we spent 2 years on the game in total. This did not help in a big way financial wise, but we are happy to get the game into a state where it has 4.7/5 rating on mobile and around 80% on PC. There is no saving a game that tapers off heavily in sales. All games have life curves, some have way better curves than others.

You must believe that we would have liked nothing more to have Harbinger sell in a way where we could have continued on it. Of course this is our dream! As a player you can certainly understand how much more difficult it is to start on a completely new game, compared to just developing a game already a long way further. It would be so much easier to continue on the game! But when the sales aren't there, and there is no hope for them to rise up magically, we have to make this decision or lose our company. It sucks!

You are right about the development time needed for Space Haven! Our hope is that Space Haven will become that Rimworld of ours, that game that will give us a stable income and that we can continue on for a long time. It will need that. We have now worked a year on Space Haven. And we still have some ways to go, but it will be an epic game.

Additionally, because I knew some of our fans would have loved more Battlevoid, I took it upon myself to make it happen. For the past 6 months I have worked 6-7 days a week, spending all my time developing a new Battlevoid game as much as I can Smile I hope I can bring something a bit refreshing to you guys into the Battlevoid world. So this is the moment I announce it, there will be a new Battlevoid game. We have been working on 2 new games Smile

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