Will this game receive any more, major additions/changes?

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Exposure is key yes. Harbinger has actually gotten a lot of exposure in a sense, but the long-term exposure depends on the games conversion rate. As in how many of all viewers are willing to buy the game when they see it. Harbinger is a niché game, and it appeals to smaller customer base than many other games.

It doesn't mean that it is a bad game. No, no. It's a good game for many, but the overall conversion and selling power isn't enough to give us much of a buffer to work with. If the living expenses would be a 4th of what they are here where we live then Harbinger would have been a great success Smile

All of this is due to the fierce competition, there are so many games now. Over 13 000 games on Steam and probably 100 000 on mobile. If I would be to take a wild guess I would say perhaps 5% of them make any substantial kind of revenue. We worked 4 years without having anything come our way, when we published Harbinger we had already terminated our office rent contract, because if Harbinger wasn't going to sell it would have been all over.

About the mod support. Honestly, it's hard to justify it. If the game engine and game structure we use would allow for it easily then we would do it immediately. But we have created our own editor tool on top of the engine, and the modding support would mean that we would have to make that tool public.

If Space Haven becomes what we hope it to be, I'm afraid we have to focus on it at that point.

I know you and other fans have been wishing for mod support, hopefully the new Battlevoid game will alleviate some of the pain!

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