Battlestation: First Contact episode 2 tips and advice


I beat this level with a similar strategy to Inverno.

Starting out:
- I dropped Marines to 20, held pilots to 25, and put the 5 extras on Research.
- I start every single time with two Bolters.
- Stack researchers on Projectiles.

From here, it depends on what my research turns up.
- For Level 2, you have to build the 3rd Bolter before your research comes back because those pesky bad guys like to gimp your guns.
- If you get missiles, start building Hangars and set loadouts to Shields, Missiles, target Strongest, Shields.

From there on out it depends on what you get. One thing I didn't learn on level 1 is that you can tap enemy capitals and Disable, or Focus fire on them. Missile Fighters combined with Missiles from the base really melt them quick.

My first successful run I disabled an enemy Torpedo ship, then sent in the marines and captured it. Instantly warped it out, then brought it back in way behind my base to heal up a bit. That really helped. When the enemy boss comes in on Level 5, I changed all the Fighters over to attack his Turrets, which disables him pretty quick. Bombard him till he blows, then mop up enemy carriers (there were a few hiding out, but by this time I had like 3 battleships and they went quick.)

Challenging level.

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