Battlestation: First Contact episode 3 tips and advice



Feel free to post your advice on episode 3, the very dangerous Schillae, here. A very hard episode.


Surprisingly this was a lot easier than the previous one. Basically went mostly with the strategy used on Episode 1. As credits seemed to accumulate faster, I had 2 capital ships melting the hulls of attacking Schillae ships. Don’t you just love the sound of alien ship hull cracking in the…void. Yes, as it was mentioned elsewhere in the forum, if you want it to be physically and astronomically accurate, pick up a book on astronomy. Now let’s get back to kicking some alien ass. Celestials, prepare to meet your maker…


I used a similar strategy to Level 2, but agree this one went quicker. I focused more on battleships and station missiles later in the game, had three hangars of missile fighters. The trick on this one is they have capitals that tractor your fighters in and tear them up 1-2 at a time. In order to be successful, you have to concentrate all your power on those guys and take them down quick.

Great fun.


My assumption is that your marine shuttle should be available again after capturing a bad-guy ship. However, it never seems to become available again.

One thing I accidentally discovered and have since used is:
- Capture a capital and finish the wave, you'll see the "wave complete/game saved" message
- Back out to the main menu
- Go back into the game. Voila! Your marines are available.

Being able to capture multiple capitals really makes marines worthwhile again.

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