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Please, please, by all that's semi-holy, can mobile users get the "Disable autofocus" option, as well?  It already goes beyond terminally annoying, when told for the zillionth time to kill a certain ship or there's a container in the sector, but it's also been the cause of my 2 most recent deaths on Endless mode.  Why?  Because it also unpauses the game, while simultaneously removing focus from the player's ships.

I'm not going to bother to start another game, until/unless this is resolved; it's too frustrating to have a good run going, then lose it to this silliness.  Until then, I'll be uninstalling it.


I guess that's a "No," then.

Pity, I've been recommending the game pretty enthusiastically to my friends up to this point, but the obvious lack of any real support existing now/coming in the future (according to the devs themselves!) is a serious turn-off.  I realize coding takes time, and therefore money, but adding an extra menu option to toggle this behavior, exactly as already exists in the PC version, is NOT particularly difficult; it merely entails setting/clearing a flag and checking it when the "zoom" is called.


Be fair, the chaps at bugbyte are a little busy at the moment. What with the new TM issue they must now work out the steam edition lest it gets pulled.


Hi there, I believe we can add this to the next upcoming trademark update. Regarding issues, it is better to send mail to our support: [email protected], that way we will see it. This forum is meant more for just keeping our community in the loop.

Thanks for supporting the game!


This feature might take longer to come to iOS, since we already have a build waiting to be released there and their system does not allow to remove it without removing all the work we have done regarding trailers and text (Trademark issue)

Anyway. To put this short. Our goal is to publish the update on Android and iOS 3rd of August at the latest, after that we will be able to immediately push the new build to Apple and it should be live within a week from 3rd of August.

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