Battlestation: Harbinger now named Battlevoid: Harbinger.

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What if you made an online mode for the game? Like, it could be a free roam multiplayer PvP and/or PvE modes? Its just an idea, but I hope this will actually be a thing in the game! Maybe more people will download this. I also understand you guys are currently working on another game, but you might wanna think about that.

Now for my review. Its a great game all around, and should have more downloads. Great work team! The ships are good, the enemies are different, and the weapons have upgrades. The game has some map twists and turns for even better gamplay! This is the best Battlevoid game you have made yet! Question time! What motivated you to make this grest game? I'm just curious. (Btw, I'm sorry if my grammer was wrong) Love the game all around. Thanks for making this! Big Grin

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