New ships


How do we unlock them?

I can't tell if they are unlocked by levels or with 10 of those blue things.


10 of the blue things for that ship, blue prints Smile Collect them by destroying enemy ships on the battlefield.

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So I unlocked SOUL HARVESTER and was ready to rock and roll.

I restarted, picked it and.... it SUCKS! Should have been called soulcrusher because I was the one crushed.

It has a whopping 4 big guns and like 10 point defense. Thats it. No special weapons (not that I expected any), and no cool looking fighters. Just a giant blob of a ship with only 4 slots.
I guess it is a lot more impressive when it has a bunch of Nemesis death rays and megaplasmas... :-)

I was really hoping for a Tier 6 or 7 version of the Armada. Both Valiant/Harbinger are more fighter based, and so is Trademark. Eisenjar or whatever is just a sucky Valiant instead of having a proper 5 slots/1 fighter.

So sadly, my gunslinging fantasy is brought crumbling down. Time to hit Endless and start unlocking the other racial ships and see if they are any good.


I was hoping they would be good also.  I don't have any yet, and I'm level 23!  Would be a let down if they are all middle range and not great.

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