Battlestation: First Contact feature requests and suggestions


Maybe a silly suggestion, but lets try it :
Could there be a "simple" way to link First Contact to Harbringer, through file exchanges ?

For example when playing Harbringer, a starbase could give us a mission, such as "An attack is coming. We need a commander". Then a file is created and placed in First Contact directory.
When launching First Contact, we are in base similar to the which gave us the mission, eventually with friendly ships similar to our fleet, and waves of enemies are coming.
Once we won, a file is created in Harbringer's directory. When starting the game, we are given a reward for this mission.

That relation could be reversed too : when finishing a regular game of "First Contact", if we have a friendly ship surviving, we could decide to launch Harbringer in this ship, close to a station similar to the one we just played.

It probably sounds a crazy. But it could be terrific ! (It might boost First Contact sales too...)


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