Battlestation: First Contact feature requests and suggestions


Hi, and welcome Nil!

Thank you for the great feedback, nice to see some life in the First Contact thread as well Smile

Your criticism is valid and we agree that the game could be polished. A tech tree was on our minds when we created the game but we didn't have time to create enough tech for it to be interesting. The current system does not work that well either so, just ran out of time Sad Still pretty happy with how the game turned out, just wish there would be more freedom for us to do what we want with the games. There is always a lot of pressure to think of the business side of things, because otherwise we won't be able to pay a salary to our troopers coding and making the graphics.

Will keep the feedback in mind though! We are working mostly on Replicabase right now so be sure to check that out here in the forums!

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