Battlestation: First Contact feature requests and suggestions



We would like to hear from you what features you would like to have in the game? What things could make the game even better than it is now? What would you want to be able to do in the game?

Please post any and all ideas you get while playing the game, we will listen to you and if your ideas are a good fit for the game we will implement them.

We value our community very much. Please keep in mind that we cannot implement every feature you ask for. We will, however, always try to develop the game further and make it even better than it is now. We have to take many things into account before we create new things, so that they don't disturb the balance of the game. We ask you to be patient with us and just write all of your ideas here Smile


I personally think that there should be more diversified weapons and the ability to control the fighters more so by allowing them to be chosen to go certain places


I really love the tactics of the game. I posted some suggestions in another thread, but was thinking after that and wanted to get it down here.

I'm interested in an expansion, but wave after wave of bad guys will only hold my interest for so long. Why not add a strategic component? Randomly generate a map so you're surrounded (or neighboring) a bunch of different races with their own battle stations:
- To start with, you'd be under attack and defending for x number of waves.
- As you build (or capture) a fleet, you can opt to attack an opponent's battle station and try to seize it.
- Different stations could be customized, so if you had a support station behind the scenes it could specialize in research or capital building. Maybe offer different research bonuses from different races' ships, and you could even opt to reverse engineer captured ships.

I think the strategic component, with a randomly generated map, would give the game a lot more replayability.


I agree with Thairboxermike on expanding the strategic components and adding some random generation. As I understood replay value with random generation will be one of the key factors in the actual game, so why not show it off in the mini game as well.

Also, as I mentioned elsewhere on the forum, slider controls for engineers, scientists etc. would be nice and convenient.


I'd remove missile fighters or at least make them weaker, they're OP.


I think that there should be three types of fighters each with different amounts of health and speed to be able to choose the way you play and allow the bigger ships to hold bigger weapons and smaller ships to hold smaller weapons that way we can integrste the fighters into the game and be able to last longer and not have to spend thousands of credits on defenses


Thank you for all your ideas! Keep them coming. Hope you are enjoying the game. We recently added a difficulty setting, adding an "easy" option as default. Many people wasn't happy about the difficulty. But don't worry, the "normal" difficulty is still the same as it was.

Stay strong commanders.


I believe that in order to get this game a wider audience of actual players you need to develop some system of tutorial to show beginners what they're doing instead of throwing them in and letting them hope for the best cause if they start out and just get their butts handed to them they won't want to play the other stories or help support the PC game but if they actually know what to expect and what's happening then they will most likely develop into continual customers and help better the game with more ideas and suggestions and advice and just make the game better as a whole


Give full game for backers maybe? I have no problems throwing money at game developing but seems to me that say at least those who donated $40+ should really get this as a freebie. Don't you?


Yes anttikoo! We wanted to do that but feared Google wouldn't like it since we would be selling behind their backs. In this case all the "sales" via Kickstarter would have left Google completely out. We didn't want to take the risk and get ourselves banned completely.

We really wanted to do it and had it in our minds though.

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