Looking for a cheat or hack to unlock the new ships

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Hello, anyone know of an instant sort of way to get all the blueprints? I've enjoyed this game for an admirably long time, but the time it takes to collect the blueprints seems excessive compared to how quickly the standard ships are unlocked. I really do appreciate the new blueprints feature as I'm sure it scales well with someone new to the game who has everything to unlock. However being that I'm an old hand at the game grinding away at it isn't that appealing anymore. 

Anyone know of a mod/cheat/hack that will unlock them? If not have you found a reliable way to collect them? 

I've pretty much only figured out that they are rare as hell and haven't notice anything that would indicate how or when they drop. Is it completely random? I've played through whole games without finding any and they also don't appear to ever drop on endless mode?

Anyone know how these things tick? Are they more likely to drop from certain ships, bosses, missions objectives, trap crates, and/or anything?



Yes you are right, they were designed for new players in mind. If they would unlock too fast the new players would not have any reason to play the unlocked ships in beginning. So that was a bit of a dilemma for us.

Anyway, they do drop from endless and playing endless is the best way to get them. They drop with a % from the corresponding ship on the battlefield, so if you see a Schillae ship or Unknown ship exactly the same as the one in the select screen then there is a chance it will drop a blue print.

But in short, the more you play maps 3,4 and beyond the higher the chances are to get them.

Oh, and power wise the alien ships won't be more powerful than the best human unlockable ships. Just as a warning if you decide to grind them Smile


Thanks for the info!

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